A first class anniversary: Hyde Park

Thursday, December 1, 2011

After our trip to Kensington Palace we walked through Hyde Park. (Kensignton Palace is located at one of the ends of the park) The park was so beautiful with all the fall colors. Unfortunately we arrived right when it was getting dark so I wasn't able to get all the pictures I wanted. Since I didn't have my tripod a lot of pictures turned out kind of blurry.

Once we left Kensington Palace we came across a large lake with a bunch of swans. It was so beautiful. People were feeding them so some were out of the water kind of "attaching" people. I secretly wished my sister was there cause she is terrified of birds and it would have been a good laugh.

One of the things I wanted to see in London was the Peter Pan statue. (confession: I always wanted to see this after watching the Mary Kate and Ashley Winning London Movie. I secretly love that movie. Don't tell Jeff!) I was totally upset cause it was almost pitch black by the time we found the statue. I guess I will have to go back in the daylight sometime :)

The picture below is the view the Peter Pan statue stares at all day

I really like Hyde Park. :)

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