The Wedding Saga - Part 2 London Sealing

Monday, December 27, 2010

Jeff and I arrived in London at 6:45am and headed straight to the hotel. We stayed at the Lanesborough. It's at the corner of Hyde Park. It was amazing! We got to stay in the bridal sweet for our first two nights, so we had a nice big room for everyone to get ready in.

Mom, Dad, and Kari joined us while we got ready for the little photo shoot with the photographer and to go to the temple.

We then spent some time walking around Hyde Park getting pictures :)

We then made the trek down to the temple. The temple was about an hour drive from the hotel, and Jeff and I both ended up falling asleep in the back seat. I ruined my hair, but I couldn't help it. I was so tired.

We then met up with the family at the temple for a few pictures before the sealing. It was nice to see everyone.

After the sealing we headed back to the hotel for dinner. I don't think I can image in a more perfect dinner. The hotel took care of everything. They had waiters serving canapes and drinks before dinner was served. They had a beautiful room set up with a banquet table and the wedding cake at the end. They really did a nice job. The food was amazing! It was absolutely perfect!


  1. You look so beautiful and it sounds like such a lovely wedding. Congrats again!
    Love the Tiffany box cake. :)

  2. It sounds all so wonderful! Way to start your lives together in beautiful style. Congrats!