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Friday, June 5, 2009

You know how facebook has those apps were you pick your top five of somethings. I did my top five musicals the other day (it wasn't overly difficult to decide on five), but when I tried to do my top five plays...I got stuck. There were so many great plays running through my mind, and I was having a hard time deeming five that I felt were far superior to the rest. I picked two (both comedies), but then I froze.

Well, ladies and gentlemen (do men read my blog? don't count Dad) I have found a show that most defiantly deserves the award of being in my top five. What's the show?...The Norman Conquest. I haven't laughed this hard since Boeing Boeing. I'm not sure if I like this one more than Boeing Boeing or 39 Steps, but it's right up there with them. I might have to call it a tie.The Norman Conquest is a trilogy, so you have to devot a lot of time to see the whole show (it's well worth it). I'm not sure which of the three shows I like best. They all had things that I loved about them. I loved the first one (Table Manners) for the first scene of the second act (I just ordered the script...Norman has some amazingly funny lines). I loved the second one (Living Together), because I had seen the first one, which made it really funny. I loved the third one (Round and Round the Garden), because it was out of control!

The acting in this shoe is trully amazing. Four of the six actors/actresses are nominated for a Tony! I really hope Stephen Mangan (Norman) gets it! I really loved Paul Ritter too (Reg), so it's ok if he takes it (they are nominated for the same category). Same goes for the ladies nominated. They both deserve it.

I recommend seeing the show in order (Table Manners, Living Together, and Round and Round the Garden). You can see it in any order, but I feel like things would get confusing (and not as funny) if you go out of order. Here's the schedule.Now I have to find two shows to fill the remaining spots of my top five. I feel like they should be dramas, but I can't decide. I really like A Man For All Season, All My Sons, Marry Stuart, Macbeth, and 33 Variations. I don't know which ones to choose!

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