On the Town!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Selki invited me to go to dinner with her and two of her friends for restaurant week. We went to this amazing restaurant called Town. Town is probably the most expensive restaurant I have ever been to, but thanks to Resturant week it was totally afordable! I had Risotto of escargots with sweet roasted garlic and black truffles for my appatizer. It was fun to try something that I have never had before.All the food was absolutly amazing! Even the rolls were delectible! (I ate like six of them. I couln't help it). I just love restuarnat week!


  1. That place looks very cool! What exactly is restaurant week, though?

    (Also, I'm a friend of Brooke's. She said I'd love your blog, so she referred me. Hi!)

  2. Whoa! That place looks pretty fancy! I bet that was fun!