Broadway: I can't really explain it, I haven't got the words

Thursday, January 22, 2009

All I know is that I have a new favorite musical! Sorry Hairspray, but Billy Elliot has rocked my world (and in a good way). I saw little, charming Kiril Kulish as Billy Elliot and by the end of the show, I had fallen in love with him!

I bought the soundtrack first thing when I got home and haven't listened to anything else since. It's just so good. (I feel like I should also state that there is a lot of swearing in the show and therefore, on the soundtrack. I rationalize it with "it's ok, because swearing is charming when it's said with British accent.")

Touching story, fabulous music, and outstanding dancing. I can't wait until I see it again. (Oh, and if you decide to go see it, make sure you get tickets in the center sections. The people at the box office will tell you that parts of the side sections are full view and charge you the full amount. Don't fall for it! Only get tickets in the center section. It's just the safest way. It's kind of a terrible theater.)

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