Broadway: Hairspray - For Hairspray!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

While walking home from work with Anna, I casually made the suggestion that we should try to win Hairspray tickets sometime next week. She wanted to try and win that night. I brushed it off until we got to the uptown 1 subway platform and saw that it was packed. The sad truth is that when it rains in New York everything stops, and it was raining hard. Anna looked at me and said we should try for Hairspray. I looked down at my phone to see that we had 10 minutes to get from 42nd up to 51st. I didn’t think we would make it, but decided to try anyway.

Now this shouldn’t have been a hard thing, but it was raining really hard, I didn’t have an umbrella, the sidewalks were very crowded, and I was in four inch heals. Trying to weave around the many tourists, we slowly made out way uptown. There was no way we were going to make it. Anna had to go to a teller to get the money and we were several blocks away. I decided that running was the only way. So I started running, which wasn’t very fast because I was in heals. There I was on Broadway running in my business cloths in the pouring down rain. I soon lost Anna, but figured she would go get money and I would at least get our names in for the lottery.

I arrived at the Hairspray theatre drenched with makeup dripping down my face. It was 5:59 and I was on time. Unfortunately we had forgotten that the Thursday performance starts at 7 so the lottery was at 5. Too bad! I was so upset. I was tired and soaked for nothing. I found the driest place I could and waited for Anna to show up. When she made it to the theatre I told her that we missed it by an hour. Anna was much more determined then I. She walked all that way in the rain and she was going to see the show. She walked into the box-office and told the man our story. He took pity on her and sold her two tickets at the lottery price. Victory! I love Hairspray! It has to be one of my favorite plays and if I had to I would run in the rain for it again!

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  1. dang straight I demanded those tickets.. you ran in the rain in four inch heels.. you DESERVED to see that show!