Cohen's First Birthday!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Yesterday we celebrated Cohen's first birthday. We celebrated four days late because we were waiting for Kari to arrive. We didn't do a party. Basically we just did a cake smash and opened presents. It took only one present to realize that Cohen HATES the sound of paper ripping. He LOST IT! So, we had to quietly unwrap his presents for him. He loved all his new toys. Thanks Grandpa, Grandma, and Kari!

Cohen didn't really get into the cake smash. Aunt Kari had to help him out a bit. :) He didn't mind the taste of it, but he just wasn't into getting messy. I'm not really surprised since he's a bit of a diva.

Grandma and Grandpa helped me with the the one year photo-shoot on Friday. I have to say it was the best one yet! I think it was because Cohen loved smiling at Grandpa. Oh, and the fact that we were sneaking him treats. :)

I can't believe he is one years old! This year has just gone by so fast! It's been fun watching him grow and learn new things.

Cohen at 1!

Cohen can now get around on his feet! He loves pulling himself up and walking around the coffee table.

Sitting (Down)
Cohen learned to pull himself up to a standing position last month, but couldn't figure out how to get down. It was really annoying for the first week or so because he would pull himself up and then begin to whine or cry because he could 't figure out how to get down. Jeff and I would have to come to his rescue and try to help/teach him how to sit down. Luckily this didn't last long and Cohen figured out how to sit down!

Top Firsts/Memories of Cohen's first year
  1. Traveling: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Washington, California "Disneyland", Washington DC, and Alaska
  2. First road trip and first plane ride
  3. First restaurant/bar - The Pour House
  4. First Christmas and first Thanksgiving
  5. Baby Blessing with Family and Friends.
  6. First face plant off the couch
  7. Three Haircuts!
  8. Sleeping through the night and then not sleeping through the night and then sleeping through the night again
  9. Rolling - His preferred mode of transportation for several months. He would roll and push off the walls
  10. Figuring out how to crawl 
  11. Flirting with all the ladies at the grocery store
  12. First cold
  13. Laughing whenever he starts crawling into a place he knows he's not suppose to go and mom and dad start chasing him
  14. First baby sitter (Kimmy)
  15. First pinched fingers in the door
  16. First sporting event - Rutger Football game!
  17. First trip to NYC!
  18. First train ride (Disneyland and in Alaska)
  19. First ride - Jungle cruise at Disneyland
  20. Met two Great Grandparents - Great Grandma O and Great Grandpa A
  21. His first sweat treat - Wendy's Frosty (Daddy got in trouble for that one)
  22. Participated in the Apple Cider Donut Crusades of 2014

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