Five Months!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

FIVE MONTHS! Time is just flying by! Cohen is getting bigger and bigger by the minute and it's driving me crazy!

Cohen at 5 Months
15 lb 12 oz
25 in

Grabbing His Feet
Cohen has discovered his feet! He now likes to grab them and hold on! It's really cute.

Staring at His Hands
Cohen likes to stare at his hands. He opens and closes his fist and just watches very intently.

Throwing Things
Cohen has started taking his pacifier out of his mouth and throwing it out of his crib. :) When I walk in his room in the morning I almost always step on it :) He also likes to throw his toys. He will hold it (and generally chew on it) for a while and then just throw it.

Making Sounds
Cohen has started making sounds that sound like "Yeah" and "Hey." The first time he did it I really didn't think anything of it, but he has done it on several occasions now. We think he's just trying to make the same noises that he's hearing.

We are still working on rolling over. He's having a hard time with that. He hates laying on his stomach, so it's slow progress.

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  1. He is a wonderful little boy and he will roll when he is ready. You don't have to do all things in order.