Neu Family Reunion 2013: Part II - Tea Party and Surprise Baby Shower

Friday, August 16, 2013

During the Family reunion we had a Tea Party in honor of Mom Neu. Well, at least that was what I was told prior to arriving. When I got there I was told it was also a baby shower for me. :) I was totally surprised! It was such a good time. My sister in-laws really went all out.

Then some of my nieces delighted us with a little fashion show and a musical number. It was awesome.

Then I opened some gifts. I got some really cute baby clothes, an amazing quilt and matching bag, books, and some adorable hand mad burp cloths.

We then spent the remainder of the time asking Mom Neu questions about her courtship with Dad Neu.

It was a lovely party!

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  1. What a fun surprise - and that quilt IS amazing!!