Food Photography: Week 11 - Hummas

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I'm behind...I'm behind....I'm so behind! Sorry! I have a few post to share over the next week or two to help catch up. The past three weeks have been tough. I've been sick (you name it and I probably had it) and life has been very busy.

I'm really grateful that this weekend is General Conference! It's just such a relaxing and uplifting weekend.

Some of you may know that my second date with Jeff was watching the second Saturday session of Conference at his house. We ended up talking through most of the session and tuned in just in time for a talk by Elder Holland. I think it was on chastity. hahahaha. Funny.

I remember walking into the living room and finding a platter with veggies, bread and hummas on the coffee table. I didn't believe Jeff when he told me that he made the hummas. It was very good and I was so surprised! :)

Jeff made me humas again today! I hope we make it a tradition, because it's really good hummas :)

Happy Conference weekend everyone!

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