Christmas Break: Christmas Eve

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We spent Christmas Eve at home preparing for Christmas :) Oh, and eating pizza! It's an Olsen family tradition to eat Papa Murphy's pizza!

Of course I didn't have any of my present wrapped, so Dad and I went out to his wood shop to wrap our gifts. It may be a wood shop, but it's perfect for wrapping Christmas presents! There's just so many big tables!

Kari and I then made our Ugly Christmas Sweaters. I didn't end up with a picture of the finished product, but you can take my word for it...the sweaters were UGLY! Supposedly it's a new cousin tradition to wear an ugly sweater to Christmas dinner and we recently decided that we should make them as well. Well, we showed up to Christmas dinner with our ugly sweaters and our cousins didn't wear one! So, I don't think I will do it next time. It's only fun if everyone does it.


  1. Okay, that sweater that Kari is working on looks awesome - I can't believe there isn't a picture of it finished! And I say keep wearing them; eventually everyone else will join in :).

    1. Thanks! It sure was an ugly sweater :)