A Walk in The Park with Brie

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A lot of things have happen over the past month and a half and I haven't blogged about any of them! Shame on me. And now when I have a free min to blog I'm not going to fill you in but show you more pictures of my puppy! Hahah!

One of many reasons we wanted to get a dog was to encourage us to get outside more. Well, today we took Brie for a walk in Thompson Park. It was her second outing in the park, but this time Jeff went with us (even with his bad knee) so I could take pictures :)

Jeff has been working with Brie on fetch. She's getting the basics (get the ball and bring it back), but there is still room for improvement. First, when Jeff throws the ball she follows it with her eyes and then slowly wanders over to it. No pep! No Excitement! What's up with that? Then she slowly brings it back to Jeff (if no one else is around to distract her). Sometimes she gives it Jeff....and sometimes she's not so giving. I'm sure she will get better with practice :)

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