The Wedding Saga: Part 5

Thursday, February 10, 2011

We had an open house here in New Jersey on December 4th. There was concern that the house would be too small for all our friends and colleges, so we had tents set up in the back yard. It was a great idea, until the generator that we rented to heat the tents stopped working. It was so cold! I think the reception turned out well, but I will admit there were several hiccups.

For our guest-book we had a photo-booth where people could have their picture taken and then taped in a album for Jeff and I to keep. People also got a copy to take home. Jeff and I had a lot of fun looking at the pics when the open house was over.

Jeff's personal assistant did a lot of work for the wedding including picking out the cake. Checkout what she decided on:
We gave out cakes (like the other receptions) and caramel apples as party favors.




  1. very nice. you've had quite the adventures with this wedding thing:)

  2. What a beautiful cake!
    Congrats again!! :)